The Family
Come and meet the J.S.A. Family

We are in it to win it, but fun is the aim of the game!

We at JSA is very proud of our family of sport experts and coaches. We have built a team of coaches, professional players and world renown professionals to bring the youth athletes of JSA the best possible sporting experience.
  1. Eric L. Perry.
    Eric L. Perry.
    Chief Executive Officer
  2. Tyrus Perry
    Tyrus Perry
    Chief Operations Officer
  3. Priscilla Guy
    Priscilla Guy
    Executive Assistant
  4. Kelvin Bates
    Kelvin Bates
    Director of Sports Operations
  5. Betty Booker-Parks
    Betty Booker-Parks
    Director of Public Relations & Events
  6. Rhonda Collins
    Rhonda Collins
    Director of Finance
  7. Kimberly Brown
    Kimberly Brown
    Director of Housing
  8. Kimbrelle Brown
    Kimbrelle Brown
    Social Media Specialist
  1. Pam Johnson
    Pam Johnson
    Event Specialist
  2. Zondra Walton
    Zondra Walton
    Event Specialist
  3. Phil Jackson
    Phil Jackson
    Eastern Division Commissioner Director - Miami, FL
  4. Carlos Washington
    Carlos Washington
    Director - Florance, SC
  5. Joseph London
    Joseph London
    Director - Baton Rouge, LA
  6. David Bowser
    David Bowser
    Director - Conway, AR
  7. Lefon Bowens
    Lefon Bowens
    Director - Aurora, IL
  8. Samule Wilson
    Samule Wilson
    Director - Tulsa, OK
  1. Matt Berry
    Matt Berry
    Director - St. Louis, MO