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Junior Sports Association is looking for area directors in the following states: VA, PA, NY, CA, NC, FL, OK, AR, CO, NM, WY, UT, TX, LA, MO, IA, IL, IN, WI, SC, AL, TN, KY, MS, MI, MN, WV, OH, OK, CT, VT, AZ, NE, GA, PR and NV for the upcoming season.

Job Description
 1.Recruit and/or organize teams in your area
 2.Organize/administrate a regional event (must be able to support 50-100 teams)
 3.Represent teams in your area in our National organization

As the area director, you are responsible for getting teams to join JSA. The success of our program starts with organization. If we know we have a diverse representation of teams from our operating area, we know we can offer quality events at all our locations.

If one area is not represented by teams, all our events suffer! Many people want to run events but few are willing to do the work that goes with it. Anyone interested should contact JSA at 901-337-6433. We want people willing to work and do things right. If someone is simply interested in making money, this is not the organization for you.

Kelvin Bates, JSA Director of Sports Operations

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