How can I watch?

All TKO games will air on TwinSportsTV. Check back for schedule.

Where/when are the games?

Aurora, IL Date TBA
Baton Rouge, LA Date TBA
Conway, AR May 1-3
Dayton, OH Date TBA
Florence, SC May 15-17
Houston, TX Date TBA
Jacksonville, FL Date TBA
Tulsa, OK Date TBA

Memphis, TN Quarterfinals – May 23
Memphis, TN  Semifinals – May 24
Memphis, TN $1 Thousand, Winner-take-all Championship – May 25

How are the 8 host teams selected?

We select teams capable of drawing loud, passionate, sizeable fan bases.

How is the remainder of the 64-team field selected?

We select the remaining 56 teams from the application pool, which runs Januray 1 – April 4.

Who can apply to enter a team?

Anyone 18 or older.

What is the event format?

Pool Play & Single-elimination.

What are the game rules?

High School rules (5on-5) except we play two (2) fourteen (14) minute halves, each team gets 4 timeouts per game, international rules on basket interference (except on foul shots), and we use the Elam Ending.