10u - PEEWEEball Division
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10U - PEEWEEball
We anticipate having 6 to 8 teams in the division. The season will start at the beginning of April and run to the end of June. You can expect your PeeWee's to have a practice or game 3x per week throughout the season. Although we strive to have a consistent schedule, it isn't always possible and the days and times of the practices and games may vary from week to week. All games and practices will take place at (location TBA). Our PeeWee teams only play other PeeWee teams, so no travel is required. The season will end with a fun all-club tournament! 

Age Requirements:
The PeeWee Division is designed for children born in 2009 and 2010.  It is sometimes possible for children to play up, but these decisions will be made once all of age children (based on birth year) have been registered; and will based on available space in the league and the ability of the child. All children wanting to play up will need to register for the division that corresponds with their birth year and thereafter make a request to the respective coordinator to have the child assessed. Should space be available AND the assessment confirms that they would be a better fit for the requested division, allowances may be made. Please keep in mind that the safety of all players is J.S.A.'s first priority.

Gear Requirements:
Your child will receive a team t-shirt, socks and a J.S.A. Ball Club hat on the first day of the season. This is their uniform, so please ensure that they wear it for each game. They will also need a batting helmet, glove, grey baseball pants and an athletic support. Baseball cleats are not mandatory but most children wear them at this level (soccer cleats are okay!). Please ensure that you mark your child's name in everything.  A white label or masking tape works well on the outside of the batting helmet and handwritten on labels in shirts, glove and hats.

Attendance at assessments is highly recommended. Our goal in doing assessments (at all levels) is to ensure that we have equitable teams and thus, a more competitive league. Having equal and balanced teams also makes playing much more fun!  Assessments will include the following areas: hitting, pitching, infield and outfield skills. 
Team Selection:
Players are assigned a total score based on their assessment; these scores are used in drafting the teams.